Data Mining

One major purpose of the Standards and required tests is to allow the government to capture student data (both academic and personal) and sell it to corporations for financial gain. This is often being done without parental knowledge or consent. The information collected sometimes includes information about a student’s family structure, health, individual beliefs, and other non-academic personal factors.

Parents are concerned that this data is being used without their permission, and violates privacy rights. There is also a concern about misuse of the data, which could include psychological, religious, racial or other profiling for governmental experimentation and control.

Additional Resources about Data Mining:
Information about what data the government is collecting, and why
FL test creator, AIR, and connections to data mining
Links of CCSS to data mining
Parental rights under FERPA
Examples of data being collected on Kindergarteners
A day in the life of a data mined kid
Google spying on 40 million K-12 students



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