State Resources

Contact Information:
Governor Rick Scott
Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart
Board of Education
State Representatives – click on this page to find the reps for your district

Florida Board of Education email addresses:

Tips for how to communicate effectively with a legislator

Email addresses to copy on your communications with legislators:,,,,

Note about emailing public officials and staff
Florida has an open public records law, and therefore any email you send to a public official is public record. This includes school staff, School Board members, legislators, district staff and state staff. If you prefer that your communication remain confidential, it is recommended that you request an in-person meeting or a phone call.

Join Discussion Groups to Get Involved:

United for FL Children (Facebook group)
United for FL Children (Facebook page)
FL Parents R.I.S.E.
FL Bad Ass Teachers (BATs)
Opt Out Florida Network
FL Stop Common Core Coalition
Teaching not Testing
FL Children Need Music, Art and PE
Recess for all FL Students
FL Parents RISE to Stop CBE
Uncommon to our Core – Florida

Web sites/Blogs for More Information:
Florida Education Association
Education Matters
Reclaim Reform
Stop Common Core Coalition
Fund Education Now
FL Stop Common Core Coalition
Stop Common Core FL
Stop Common Core SE FL
Opt Out FL Network
Minimize Testing, Maximize Learning


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