Comments needed: Florida Math Standards

The Florida Department of Education may be considering changes to the Math Standards during its meeting on Thursday, February 18.

There is conflicting information about how substantial the changes will be, and whether this discussion is just a formality.

According to the page on the DOE’s web site that describes rules that are under review, rule  6A-1.09401 regarding Student Performance Standards will be considered on 2/18/16. When looking at the specific rule that is linked on that page, it would appear that the changes are minor (view the “Summary” paragraph on that page).

However, in looking at the agenda for the BOE meeting, there is a link referencing that same rule that contains a substantial number of changes to the Math Standards.

While we are unsure how substantial this discussion or change will be, we feel that we should take advantage of any opportunity to provide public comment about the Standards. It’s important that the State hears and recognizes the input from the thousands of parents and teachers across the State who feel the Florida Standards are doing damage to our children.

Steps to take to provide comments:

  1. Select this link.
  2. Click the “Submit Comment” link on the far right side of the page in the row for Rule no. 6A-1.09401.
  3. Fill in the information, and provide your comments in the space provided.

Please provide your comments no later than February 17.

Not sure what to say?
Here are a few ideas…

  • At a minimum, we are requesting that the State conduct a complete review of the Math Standards before this rule is implemented.
  • If you have time to read through the document with the proposed changes, please do so and provide your comments on the changes. If not, that’s okay too.
  • Parents: provide specific information about why you feel the Math Standards are not appropriate for your children. For example, if your child did not struggle with math before the Standards were implemented but they do now, please state that, and discuss the specific concepts they are struggling with. If you don’t feel your child has the developmental ability to learn the way the Standards are asking them to learn, state that.
  • Teachers: provide specific information about which Standards are not appropriate for the expected grade level and why. Provide suggestions for specific changes that could be made to make the Standards more appropriate.

Click here to view the Standards, if needed.

If you have any information about how and why the Math Standards are developmentally inappropriate, please contact us at: We are putting together a comprehensive list of concerns with the Florida Standards. Please be as specific as you can, even listing Standards if possible.




One thought on “Comments needed: Florida Math Standards

  1. The Algebra 2 standards are too broad and contain too many topics that belong in other classes (trigonometric functions are a Precalculus topic, probability and statistical analysis belong in Probability). The pacing of the regular and honors levels are almost identical and unattainable. If the trig, probability, and statistics were removed the pacing would be improved slightly. Students are being tested on topics which are not covered by the testing window. Teachers are given 25 “practice” items to review with their classes to prepare them for a 120 item test over two days. That’s bad math.


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