How Many More?

What will it take for real change to happen within our broken education system?

How many more highly qualified, dedicated, passionate teachers have to leave the profession and take their passions elsewhere?

How many more parents have to deliver emotional and difficult speeches to School Boards about what their children and teachers are experiencing?

How many more children and teachers have to develop anxiety because of the pressure from tests and inappropriate Standards?

How many more school schedules have to be interrupted because of tests?

How many more classes have to be cancelled because of tests?

How many more 3rd graders have to be unjustifiably retained?

How many more high school students have to be denied a diploma?

How many more teachers have to be fired or disciplined for speaking up about what’s right?

How many more letters and emails do people have to send to legislators and state leaders, begging for change?

How many more phone calls do people have to make?

How many more meetings do people have to have with legislators?

Education is supposed to be for the people. When will the people’s voices start to matter?


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